Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hobbit Feet + Bearclaw!

 Rushing through breakfast; we head to the bedroom, hastily applying fake hair to our feet using eyelash glue. Well, I wasn't, anyway ;).  Brandishing our garb we head to the Mazda 3; our excitement tingling our bodies, all the way to our toes! Alas, we had to attend a Lunch party at my cousins dwelling. Upon reaching there, we discover that the Calgary Comic Expo (Saturday) was completely full! It was so packed that the Fire Marshall's had to banish people due to the overpopulation of Elves and Batmen.

 A melancholic cloud hung over us, me especially. What sort of devilry would dissuade us from sharing our wonderful Hobbit treats with the world! No super-sweet lemonade. No 50 dollar sketches from Comic Artists and Animators. No Stan Lee! No! We will not give up without a fight. As we head to the Comic-Expo with a little ray of hope shining on our heads. We walk (Barefoot) to the BMO hall, with no tickets on hand (All sold out!); we diligently walk to to entrance. A crowd of big-folk pass us, in great awe of our appearance they hand us their Day Passes. Allowing us entrance to the Expo!


Expo pics tomorrow!


Anywho, Food time! Here's a freshly baked Bear Claw Danish from the WildeGrainz Artisan Bakery situated at Inglewood. Enjoy!


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